Flat Broke

My husband’s been toying with the idea of buying a flat screen television for three years now.  Every Sunday he meticulously combs the sale papers looking for the best deal.  About once a week, he can be found in the back of Best Buy where they have 65 sets lined up in various sizes, tints, and hues.

For the record, I kick and scream every time he drags me back there.  The only thing more mind numbing than staring at those screens would be if I took him to the mall, lined up 65 identical pairs of black shoes, and asked him to tell me which ones he liked the best.  Do you see where I’m going with this?  THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME!  I love how all the stores have started putting on the Discovery Channel featuring close ups of some frog or butterfly mating… like THAT’S going to seal the deal.

Anyway… I guess I finally drank the Kool Aid.  The other day we did a story about how this is “THE” time to buy electronics before the recession ends.  As much as I really doubt we’re in jeopardy of that happening anytime soon, I told my husband I was ready to push our 1999 big screen out the second story window.  Frankly, it looks about as out of date in our bonus room as “The Karate Kid” does at the video store.  I say “video store” because the film’s so old they probably don’t even have a DVD version of it.

It’s never been the flat screen I was against.  I’ve wanted one for years too.  What I HAVE been against is all the redecorating this is going to require.  Right now our mammoth antique set is eating up an entire corner of the bonus room.  What am I supposed to do with the big hole that’s left behind when we mount the new set on the wall, and secondly, where are we going to put all of the junk that’s currently piled up behind that bad boy.  I’m afraid to move it.  There could be ground hogs living back there.

Last Friday I decided to just go furniture shopping and try to figure this thing out.  It seemed simple enough.  I see furniture I want all the time when I’m NOT looking.  Unfortunately, now that I am… there’s nothing.  This is a little off topic, but have you ever noticed how the stuff in Pottery Barn and West Elm NEVER look the same in your house as they do in their catalogues?  What gives?  Am I too stupid to accessorize?

The furniture looks great when I buy it.  It looks fantastic sitting in the back of our Forerunner on the ride home, but as SOON as I take it inside my house… it turns into a complete snob.  It’s almost like it suddenly realizes it’s too good to hang out with my Pier one end table and Rooms to Go couch.  Last year I bought a buffet table from West Elm for our bonus room.  It was so uncomfortable sitting near my Target lamp I had to separate them.  I’m not sure who needs therapy more… me, or my furniture.

Anyway, late last Friday I went into this store that I knew was probably too expensive.  What the heck though.  I haven’t bought anything in a while.  Plus, I though I’d finally reached a point in my life/career where buying a chair wouldn’t bankrupt us.  Boy was I wrong.  I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, only there was no Richard Gere waltzing in to pick up the tab.

I must have spent an hour with my new best friend picking out fabrics, describing my bonus room in graphic detail, and testing out my new chair.  I think we even talked about having sushi sometime, but now everything’s kind of fuzzy.  I think I was in some kind of shopping induced stupor.  When I made my way to the cash register to ask what the damage was, I sobered up immediately.  She couldn’t even say it out loud.  She printed out a piece of paper and tapped on the price.

It was $2,900!!!  I kept staring at the numbers on the paper expecting them to change or thinking maybe the decimal had been misplaced.  All the while, I could hear her talking about how this is great news!  Their 20% off sale had really knocked the price down.  I casually backed out of the store trying not to break anything while muttering something about talking to my husband about it.  Seriously, do people really feel comfortable sitting in $3,000 chairs, or do you just rope them off and put a spotlight on them like some kind of museum piece?  I thought about maybe just biting the bullet and charging people to sit there, but it seemed a little low rent.

So… unless I can find a buyer for one of my kidneys or figure out a way to have the chair drive me to work, I guess I’m going to have to keep looking.  Any ideas?  Send them my way.


3 Responses

  1. Just read your blog and have some tips for you and your husband as we just took the plunge a couple of months ago and replaced our older big screen with a flat panel. After months of research we purchased a Samsung LCD, which in my opinion is one of the best if not THE best LCD on the market.

    Also do not buy the overpriced cables and wall mount from the big box stores as they are the same things you can get online. I highly reccomend using a company called monoprice and no I do not work for them just a very satisfied customer of theirs for a couple of years now. They sale all sorts of cables, wall mounts etc and you will not believe the prices compared to those in stores. The cables and wall mounts are one of the biggest rip offs when it comes to flat panel tv’s.

    Have fun and enjoy your new TV.

  2. I thought my wife was writing this blog until I got to the part about the sushi.

    As usual, very entertaining. Keep it up!

  3. If you’re concerned that your bonus room will look empty once the old TV is gone, you might want to consider placing your new flat screen on a stand instead of on the wall. That will not only help fill the void, but will also provide a place for “peripherals” like DVD players, digital cable or satellite boxes, DVDs, etc. You might want to check out http://www.homedecoratorscollection.com for some ideas. I’ve purchased many items from this company and have never been disappointed.

    I do have a word of advice for anyone desiring to make a major purchase. Get online and compare prices. Best Buy doesn’t always deliver the best buys. If you do purchase from Best Buy, make sure that someone verifies that the item is in stock before you check out.

    Happy TV and furniture shopping!

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