Full of Cold Air

w4u-energy-sense3 The other day I went over to my parent’s house for dinner and felt like I’d stepped into the ICE exhibit over at Opry Mills.  As soon as I crossed the threshold, my mother handed me a scarf and winter coat in a very matter of fact way.  At first I was confused, but when I started seeing my own breath it all started to make sense.  This was her little way of sticking it to the power company.

 For weeks, she’s been grumbling about this month’s electric bill, which was double last year’s.  It wasn’t until my husband and I found ourselves huddled around her kitchen oven trying to stay warm that we finally grasped the magnitude of her anger.  I think we can all agree… when mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!  She did agree to cook us dinner (since the stove was already on), but I’m afraid if this keeps up, she’s going to start charging us to eat there. 

 When I returned to work on Monday, I realized this wasn’t just a case of my mother overreacting.  Our newsroom was flooded with e-mails from viewers telling virtually the same story.  I’m a reporter, so I’m cynical by nature, but I do find it more than a little odd that so many people’s power bills have doubled, and in some case tripled.  It isn’t necessarily the amount that’s bothersome.  We all knew TVA was raising rates.  No story there.  What’s shocking is how much more power some customers are allegedly using this year. 

 According to NES, the average residential kilowatts used for the month of December were 1,500.  One woman who e-mailed us got a bill saying she had used 8,392 kilowatts during that same time frame.  8,392 KILOWATTS!  That’s five and a half times the average power usage for a 3,000 square foot house in East Nashville.  What… were they running the state fair out of her front yard or WHAT?  Wouldn’t something sucking up that much power have generated its’ own news story… like that movie “Deck the Halls”, where Danny Devito wanted to put up enough Christmas lights to see them on the google satellite?  I could go on and on.  I’ve gone through every e-mail, and they’re definitely compelling.     

 So here’s the deal… we’re looking for the worst of the worst.  If you think you have THE most absurd power bill in Davidson County this month… shoot us an e-mail at e-mail at news@wsmv.com   We can’t pay it for you, but we do have a certified energy auditor who’s agreed to go out with us next Tuesday and look at one house to see if there’s a problem with the meter or whether their home has some glaring energy problem.  We’ll also give our viewers some other tips on how to monitor their own power without relying on NES’ meters. 

 Now if you put up 10,000 Christmas lights this year or you live in a 6,000 square foot mansion don’t even bother e-mailing us.  We’re looking for legitimate people who are concerned that something’s just not right.  By the way, my mom and dad are automatically disqualified, but she DOES highly recommend that you invest in SOME Snuggies in case you run out of winter coats when guests come over.  It’s ok.  You can Google it.    😉


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  1. Yes, I agree. My electric bill is out of control. This month my bill is over $600.00. My home is 3400 square feet. To make matters worse, dear ole TVA added a “Fuel adjustment cost” of $111.00 to my already expensive bill. It is very frustrating. I obviously have a heat pump problem but at the present time I cannot afford to fix it and I cannot afford not to. But what really makes me a little ticked off is that TVA recently gave all of it’s top management huge bonuses. I really am frustrated at our country and how everything has gotten out of hand with our economy. Now, we normal living citizens are paying dearly for it. Why doesn’t someone speak out about things such as TVA giving their top people thousand dollar bonuses while they are adding these fuel adjustments to our bills? Why are we spending thousands of dollars to have the English only election? People are losing jobs and we are in a crises, but Eric Crafton is allowed to proceed on with this rediculous deal. Why is our governor allowed to build a party room to the mansion costing tax payers money… billions of dollars, yet, these same tax payers from all over Tennessee are losing jobs right and left.?? Isn’t it time that someone take a stand and quit worrying about making a scene?? I am so very disappointed in our leaders, from our metro council all the way up to the White House. Now, enough negative. I am happy that I have my health, my family and my friends. I am happy to have my wonderful job. I am happy for so many things. I am just so frustrated when things are not done right. Thank You.

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