Fall (Give me a) Break

If it’s a break then why do I feel so exhausted? As you may have noticed (or not), I’ve been off since last Wednesday. I usually don’t advertise my vacations beforehand for fear that someone will burglarize my home during these tight budget times. Anyway, we spent the past five days canvassing the money pit known as Disney World.

When I was growing up we didn’t even HAVE a fall break, and most of my spring breaks consisted of me sitting at my mother’s beauty shop for the week watching her do perms and comb outs. My how things change in two decades. Both breaks have now become full scale events. It seems like if you don’t plan something exciting for your kids to do, you might as well send them back to school with a big L embroidered on their shirts. How do I know? Because we did it. Twice. When I dropped my daughter off at extended care with the other five kids whose parents had to work, she looked at me like I had just placed her on the steps of an orphanage. So this year… we were peer pressured into doing what apparently every other parent and athlete does following an olympic victory. We went to Disney World!

Turns out, it really is a small world after all. I ran into at least three dozen people I know and some I didn’t. This is my official shout out to: the two families from Pulaski, one from Cheatham County, another from Cookeville, a guy who yelled my name as he rode by in the Rock N’ Roller coaster, Amy Watson and her family, and my daughter’s best friend… who rode Space Mountain AND Thunder Mountain railroad for the first time.

My husband wanted to “maximize” the trip so we left after the 6:30 show last Wednesday and didn’t get back until midnight on Monday. It sounded good on paper… five parks in five days. I remember the EXACT moment when I wanted to choke him to death. We were going 85 miles an hour down the Mount Everest roller coaster for the SECOND time in the blinding rain. A half a dozen blisters and 140 pedestrian miles later… I’m back at work.

One thing I learned on this trip is NEVER, under any circumstances, should you get a pedicure in an airport… even if it seems like a good idea at the time. It sort of like getting a massage from a hot dog vendor. Unfortunately, we arrived at the Orlando airport with about an hour and a half to kill before our flight. I decided to plop down in one of those massage chairs you see at Brookstone and let a complete stranger go to work on my feet. What can I say? I was delirious. As if the blisters weren’t enough, my nails are now so short and lopsided I’m embarrassed to remove my shoes. Plus it’s painful. I haven’t had my nails brutalized like this since a group of my girlfriends and I decided to give each other spa treatments in Junior High. On the bright side, I’m saving a ton of money. I shouldn’t need anything done to them until April.

The other thing I learned on this trip is that I have the immune system of an 80 year-old woman. Nary a trip goes by anymore that I don’t come back with some kind of bubonic plague picked up in the recycled in-flight air. I’m starting to think Michael Jackson is on to something with that whole mask thing. Despite my whining, it was one of the best trips of my life. It’s time you can never get back.


4 Responses

  1. Hi Jennifer I really am glad you are back at Channel 4. I really enjoy watching. You & tom do a great job. I thought that was so funny that the person did not realize you were not working at the T.V. station when they saw you. People are a hoot. I work at Vanderbilt in the IT dept & I had the pleasure of working with the ESPN crew to set up the phone service for College Gameday. It was a blast. I’ll go for now. Anyway, I’m really glad your back. Loved the pictures of Disneyworld.

  2. Thanks for watching! Despite how it sounds we had a really good time on that vacation. I guess that that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. LOL

  3. I think the fall break is just a southern thing…NEVER heard of such a thing before I moved to TN! And the Detroit airport has decent manicures, in case you’re ever stuck there for a layover (not sure about anything else though)! 🙂

    Anyway, I think you all do a fantastic job @ WSMV, and you all seem like normal people, with personalities!

    Whole other topic: Out of curiosity, did your hair dresser get more business, at all, when you mentioned her being at the town hall meeting?

  4. Thanks for the tip Christina! My nails are actually starting to look normal again, but it’s been almost two weeks. We appreciate you watching Channel 4. As for my hairdresser, she hasn’t really mentioned it. Maybe I’m a bad advertisement for her. LOL

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