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Aunt Mabel Joyce

Courtesy: Aunt Mabel Joyce

Ok. It’s been nearly five months since I’ve written a blog, and many of you (my parents) have been complaining. First, let me explain why I took a break. When I returned to Channel 4 a year ago I thought it would be really hip and cool to start a blog. Six months in, I began to feel like everything I wrote was either A) narcissistic or B) polarizing. Since neither seemed particularly appealing, I stopped writing.
Since then, every time my mother (boss) would ask why I hadn’t updated the blog, I would make up some excuse about how busy I’d been working on special reports and “interacting with our viewers” that I simply hadn’t had time to blog. So now… the moment of reckoning. You know (not that you cared) why I stopped blogging.

Two weeks ago our parent company, Meredith Broadcasting, asked us to come up with some goals for the new fiscal year, and guess what… I’m blogging again! This time I’m writing a check that my fingers will have to cash or else I won’t meet my goals for next year. If those of you who do read the blog could click on it several hundred times a day it would be helpful because apparently we can track these things. It will make me feel more relevant if I think people are reading.

Anyway, I’ll ease back into the bloggers pool slowly. Starting tomorrow I’ll be off for a week to spend some time with my daughter before she goes back to school. If you have anything you want to hear about upon my return, let me know. If I don’t hear from you, I’ll continue to bore you with anecdotal stories about my personal life or rants about issues that are important to me. Oh and incidentally my second goal was to speak to more community groups this year so if you’re looking for a guest speaker… give me a buzz.

By the way, some of you DID e-mail to ask about my family reunion in Baxter last weekend. It was great to see everyone. The clouds broke just long enough to turn the park shed into a sauna. One of our relatives caught a fish the length of my right arm that was chilling in the bed of another relative’s pick-up truck. Literally, the fish was on ice in a cooler staring up at me helplessly. Hopefully, we’ll be invited back for the fish fry. See… I’ve already offended some viewers. Now I’ll get e-mails from everyone who believes it’s cruel to kill fish.

Here’s a diversion. Have I ever told you that two of my cousins are wildly famous D.J.’s… named “Hawk” and “Gator” Harrison. “Hawk” works for B93.7 in Greenville, South Carolina, and “Gator” works at the Country Giant 94.7 n Cookeville. If you’re in either of those towns you’ll have to check them out. Throwing “Gator’s” name around in East Tennessee earns me instant street cred.

Anyway, the reunion was great, but next time we’re going to schedule it for later in the day. As we were boxing up the last of the fried chicken, the people from the local church rolled into the parking lot with speakers and a sound console in the back of their truck. Apparently there was a revival of some sort that night, and they were serving food. There’s always next year.

I think that is quite enough for my first blog. I’ll see you next week. I’ll be sunburned so brace yourself.


2 Responses

  1. Well hello there!!
    I am new to your blog but I have really enjoyed watching you on the 6:30 news in the evening. I think you are a very attractive lady and that you do a great job. From what I have been reading on your previous blogs it appears to me that you are very down to earth as well. I love it when a TV personality will come down to the common mans level and speak with us, I for one think it says alot about the person.

  2. I thought your days of blogging were over so I had quit looking for new entries until today (10/9/08). Great to see you back at it! I have been away from the Nashville area for many years and miss many things and people from times past. Thanksgiving 07 brought me & my family to Hendersonville to spend it with relatives. After dinner, as we were lying around being miserable and asking ourselves why we had eaten so much, we began reminiscing about events & people in whom we haven’t seen in years and your name came up. It’s so good to see that you have been doing so well and I commend your mother & father for raising such a wonderful young lady. By the way, I noticed Mom in the picture in this Blog and she’s just as pretty as ever! Keep up the good work! Oh, by the way, I forgave you for breaking my heart & canceling our date to the Sawyer Brown concert 20+ years ago. LOL!

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