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jen.jpgI’ve been meaning to write all week to give everyone an update on the Rick Springfield concert last weekend at the Wildhorse.  My girlfriends and I had a blast.  I’ll admit, I went into the whole thing expecting to see a lot of 80’s hair and blue eye shadow.  It didn’t happen.  Probably the most shocking thing we saw was a guy from Illiniois on the front row… with his entire family!  It was his 6th trip to see Rick Springfield.  This guy apparently follows him around the country as if it were 1981.  None of us had the heart to break it to him that it’s not.  What the hey though?  If that’s what you like to do… go for it.  His kids seemed to be having fun too, despite the fact that they weren’t even alive when Rick made his debut on General Hospital. 
Rick’s in great shape too!  I’ve included a photo as proof.  The guy is 58.  I’d like to find whatever fountain of youth he’s been drinking from.  Whatever he’s doing… it’s working. 
As the night was winding down, I caught a glimpse of a poster on a bathroom stall featuring upcoming acts.  Apparently Journey is coming in a few weeks… their sponsor, AARP.  It’s that moment that it dawned on me.  I’m slowly morphing into my mother. 


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  1. Rick Springfield???? I thought he’d be in rehab by now. Is February the last blog on this site? I’m new to the area and am looking for more current info. Whats up?!?

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